Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a very fun-filled, eventful, busy weekend. Saturday was my first shower hosted by Sam and Ms. Cathy. Everything was absolutely beautiful! It was far beyond what I could have imagined. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long time. Great friends and family + great food = great fun :)

The "pregnant" shot.
The yummy, adorable cake made by Sam.

Sam also made the "Karaline" name tag with her Circuit. She's sooo talented!

Me and Mama

Advice book signed by all of the guests. Look at the tissue paper flowers...again, made by Sam :)
Beautiful tea cups for the party.

On Sunday, Sam came back over and we sorted everything from the baby's room and got it set up!!! It looks great! I am sooooo happy with the finished product! :)

My Aunt LuAnn made all of Karaline's bedding. I love it!! Stephanie made Karaline's monogram. View from the door. Aunt LuAnn made the window curtains, too.
See the tissue paper flowers in the corner?
To the left of the crib is the rocking chair. The chair was this mauve color and Aunt LuAnn recovered it for me. Gram crocheted the blanket for us, too!

Karaline's closet minus her newborn to 3 month clothes that are in the laundry.
Karaline's bow hanger with all of her bows made by Aunt Sam.

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  1. The nursery is perfect!! She's going to look so cute all dressed up in her new clothes in her new room. Karaline is going to be living the dream! :)