Our Family

Our Family

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sad, Sad Day

Today we went to the doctor. We're now on the weekly schedule...EEEK!!! How quickly time moves. Everything went wonderfully with one exception. My best friend since elementary school, Nikki, is getting married November 6. Of course, this is a day that best friends should share. She was in my wedding, now it's time for me to be in hers. Sadly, my doctor has a differing view. Since I've been put on bed rest, I was more than afraid that this would happen. I accepted and handled the fact that I missed her shower (one that I was helping to host) and her bachelorette cruise, but knowing that I have to miss the wedding is hard for me to swallow.

Of course, Nikki is more than understanding. It doesn't make it easier though. I know it will be fine and I've been told this by everyone a million times. I can see the big picture and fully understand, but today, I am sad, and I'll probably be sad on her wedding day, too.

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