Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doctor's Report

We went back to the doctor on Monday afternoon and had another good report! This is the critical week that we've been working towards and we made it. Yay! Sadly, I am still on bed rest. The doctor mentioned that he may lift some of my restrictions when we reached the 34th week, but when I mentioned it, he said that bed rest has been too good to me and we don't want to chance anything. I am slightly bummed but I've made it this long so I know I can make it longer. In fact, I'm actually beginning to get accustomed to my new life in bed. I still have days of stir-craziness, but overall making it.

The doctor is very happy with my sugar levels. In fact, he gave me a high five :) I have to admit that I have been cheating a bit more than when I first started. I feel like I've earned it. I always feel guilty after a cheat, but boy oh boy does it make me happy (and fill me up) when I do cheat. Even when I cheat, my levels don't get too high though. This is the only reason I continue to cheat.

My dad gave me this really cool book called The Calorie King: Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate Counter. It's a great book for diabetics or those looking to watch what you eat. It has every single imaginable food and drink along with restaurants and their foods. It lists the calories, fats, and carbohydrates. It's amazing!!!! It only costs $8.99.

Again, thank you all for your continued words of encouragement and faithful prayers. Joey and I really appreciate you all!

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  1. The bed rest and carb counting will all be worth it once you're holding little Karaline in your arms. You're almost there! You guys did a great job on her room too!