Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 26, 2010

She's a Mover and a Shaker

It took a while for me to be sure that I was feeling our little one kick. Once I felt her (and knew it was her), it was amazing! Poor Joey had to wait a while but I am happy to say that he can finally feel her move. He was so excited when he felt her. She has a powerful kick; in fact, she's woken me up a few times :) She also LOVES to move. Once I sit or lay down, she moves constantly. It can be stressful when I don't feel her after a little while

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's a...

GIRL!!! A healthy, active girl, too! Yesterday, Joey and I went for our 20 week sonogram. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before. It was like Christmas Eve. Thankfully our appointment was a 9:00 so I didn't have to wait all day. I was very nervous that our sweet baby wouldn't cooperate and we'd leave without knowing...THANKFULLY that did not happen!
She showed herself right away. Initially, Joey thought he was looking at male parts and says, "I've seen all I need to see." The sonogram girl said, "You have if you're looking for a girl." Of course, Joey wanted a boy, but he is already so in love with our daughter.
We took a VHS tape (yes, they still make those!) to record the sonogram. Sam's boyfriend, Matt, is going to to convert the tape to a DVD...THANK YOU, MATT!! :) Right when Joey got home from work he wanted to go over and watch the tape. It was neat to see again.
After the sonogram, I had a mile-long list of people to call. My mom is more than excited to have her first granddaughter! She has said all along our baby is a girl. She would only write down girl names for me, buy girl things, and even told my aunt who is making something to not even use blue! Everyone is very excited and now we're all ready to start spoiling her!!!
Yesterday was bittersweet for us while making our calls because we were not able to call Joey's mom. Last night he said that as happy and excited everyone is and was, no one would be happier than his mom. She loved babies and would always talk about her grandchildren. I told him that I know she's in heaven and was watching us all day yesterday just a crying. I know she's so proud and while she's not here on Earth to experience this with us, I know she has an even better view :)
After the appointment, I went to Sam's because we were going to get pedicures sometime. She wasn't there when I got there. She was actually at our house with the balloons. How nice!!!!! Of course, after pedicures and lunch we went shopping. I tried preparing Joey for the reality that our baby is going to have more clothes than her Mama. He doesn't believe it, but he will understand very soon. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's a...

Joey and I are anxiously awaiting Tuesday, July 6 when we go our our next ultrasound. We cannot wait to find out our baby's gender! I'm ready to start planning, buying, decorating, etc. All along, I've been thinking that we're having a girl. Joey's been thinking (or hoping) we're having a boy :) The other day I told him that I'm starting to think we may be having a boy. Then, he tells me, he's starting to think we're having a girl! Sheesh!!! Either way, we're just ready to know. AND, I don't appreciate people's negative comments about the baby not cooperating and showing his/her stuff. :) Just kidding, but please, send some positive thoughts our way. Surely the baby wants to reveal him/herself so his/her Daddy and Mama can prepare!

It's surreal to think that next week, we'll be at our half way point...overwhelming!!!

Other than being anxious, I'm doing well. I feel great and do as little as I want. AHHH, the joys of summer. I'm thankful to have my friend Sam living close by. We go for walks around the lake. I also bought a pregnancy yoga video. I've never tried yoga before, and well, let's just say it's an experience for me. I'm not exactly the most coordinated person and yoga is a great reminder to me. I've only done it once (and not even all the way through), but I do have high hopes that I will become more proficient with it.

In other news, Joey and I are joining a church on Sunday. We've been visiting this church for a while and I am more than happy to finally be a part of a church family. They are very welcoming. We're excited to see what God has in store for us here.

I'll post again on Tuesday :) Until then, Happy 4th of July. Thankful for our freedom, thankful for our country, thankful for the men and women who serve.