Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Romans 5:3 & 4

Romans 5:3 & 4 "Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that... suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."

This verse has helped me to get through the last four days. Last Thursday I went to the doctor. I was having a few issues so they told me to come in. I told my director, Sam, Joey, and my mom there was no need in coming with me because I was prepared to hear, "Oh, you're overreacting. Everything is fine. This is normal,". However, this is NOT what I heard.

Before I received any news, my doctor told me that with my diabetes that I am not allowed to have ANY, I repeat, ANY carbs. This is much different from the dietitian I saw on Tuesday. He ordered a "cardboard diet" - meat and vegetables. Okay, I tell myself...we can do this...no biggie. WRONG....I'm really struggling with this!

Then he examines. He finds that Karaline's head is too low for being 30 weeks. Thankfully, everything is intact, she's just low. He said if we were at 34 weeks, he wouldn't be worried at all; but since we're still early on, we need to take precautions.

"SOOOOOO," I ask, "What does this mean?"
Dr: "It means that you are on bed rest."
Me: Totally shocked and completely overwhelmed, I begin to cry...not a controllable cry, but an embarrassing, can't quite pull it together cry. "What do you mean? Everything has been going so well. I mean, the diabetes has been the worst thing." {Poor guy}

He proceeds to explain to me that I am on bed rest beginning immediately. I pull myself together the best I can and we schedule an appointment for the following week. On my drive back to school, I call Joey (who left work but missed the appointment-he's not a great listener :) ) and my mom. I try and pull myself together as I get back to school. Thankfully, Sam met me outside and gave me the "get it together" look that she's good at when I need it. After telling my director and speaking with the principal and secretary who arranges leave, I was ready to tell my kids. It was rough for me because I hadn't even begun to prepare them for my leave. I also didn't have time to show my assistant, who is stepping up in my spot, everything I wanted. BUT, I know she is going to be just fine. She's an awesome teacher and I couldn't ask for a better person to take over.

I am not going to lie...this has been very difficult for me to swallow. I have not been at my finest most days. However, I have been completely overwhelmed by family and friends. Of course, Sam has been over or taken me to her place each day. My mom has come down twice- once with my dad and the next time with my sister. Joey has been trying hard but as usual, he's been my punching bag :( I'm working on being nicer to him and not losing my patience so quickly! I've received countless calls, emails, and tons of prayers. I know I wouldn't make it through without my support system.

On a positive note, Sunday my mom and sister came down. They brought some yummy no carb food. Even better than that, we got the baby's crib and changer!!! YAY! Joey and our friend Chris put it together. It looks great :) Now we need to get a mattress and dresser, finish cleaning the closet out, and we'll be ready!

Also, my friends Janine and Sam hired a cleaning lady to come over. We're waiting on her now. I'm super excited for this!!! I'm hoping this will help us to keep our house clean longer than .0001 seconds :)

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  1. You can do it!!! You're doing great! You forgot to put on here all the positives of this bed rest thing... LOTS of TV, movies, computer time, and NO CLEANING! Oh! And our new bow making business! This should give you a couple things to post about tomorrow.