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Our Family

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gestational WHAT...

So 2 weeks ago I went for my first gestational diabetes test. I received a call later that afternoon that I had failed. I was not expecting this! Since I failed, I was scheduled to go the following week for another more extensive test. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to this test because not only would I have to drink the yucky drink again (I almost got sick the first time), but I would also have to take more time off work, be at the lab for longer, and endure more needles...ugh!

The following week, I showed up for my appointment at 7:15 and was not seen until 8:15. By this time, I was very, very impatient. Thankfully I was able to be polite to the lab techs, power through the yucky drink once again, and did fine with the blood draw and finger prick. Once I came out of my first lab, Joey was waiting for me in the waiting room. Having someone to talk to helped the time to go by a little more quickly. Now, we had to sit and wait 1 hour for my next blood draw. This would continue for the next 3 hours. Of course there are many boring details in between, but by the last blood draw I was not only STARVING but my left arm felt like it was going to fall off (because they drew out of the same arm each time except one) and I was more than over sitting in the same waiting room!

After the labs, I went back to work and while my kids were at PE, I received a call from my doctor...UH-0H! I knew this could not be good. When I answered, I heard the words I was not looking forward to- "You failed all 4 of your tests." Me: "WHAT?! You have got to be kidding me!!! I have been feeling fine, not swelling, staying busy, eating well...on and on... Now what?!!" Poor nurse! She said, "Well, this means you have gestational diabetes and will need to go and see a diabetic counselor." Upon gaining my composure and mind once again, I realized that this is the worst thing that has happened to me during this pregnancy so I need to suck it up. Eating a diabetic diet is good for everyone so this could just be a life changing experience...yada yada...I'm trying to think positively!

I go on Tuesday to see a diabetic counselor and am really looking forward to finding out more about what I can and cannot eat. I'll also receive a meter which I'll use to check my blood several times a day. My doctor will monitor my numbers. Since last week, I've struggled with what to eat. The first few days I didn't want to eat any carbs or sugar and had a hard time knowing what to eat. I spent many hours online to find some things that I could eat. Please pray that I will have perseverance and willingness to eat the foods that I should! Also, please pray that I will be able to manage the diabetes through diet and exercise.

On a brighter note, Karaline is growing and growing (I know some of you are saying, "duh", but it still amazes me how each day she is so different). Currently, I have the joy of feeling her in my ribs pretty much all of the time...oh wow! I have never loved and hated something so much :) She is also moving more and more. You can feel her body when you touch my belly and she is beginning to respond back to taps on the belly! We are loving her more and more each and every day! 11 weeks and counting!!!


  1. And she loves you!! And her bows :)

  2. I hear ya! I've had what I'm pretty sure is sciatica pain in my right leg on and off for a week... Hurts no matter whether I sit, stand, lie down... But it's been the worst thing I've had to deal with, so no real complaints. Hang in there! Look up some south beach recipes, some are really good and they're good and balanced.