Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recipe and Reminiscing

Today I made a Cream Cheese Clouds (a deliciously, yummy, very healthy -ha!-recipe I got from my friend in college). It made me think about my friend Diana which made me very happy.

It also made me think about my Nanny which made me happy and sad because I miss her soooo much! I remember making these with Nanny one Christmas. Thinking about this reminded me of how much I miss her. Of course I got teary-eyed. I've been thinking about her often. While shopping in Publix the other day I saw someone who had hair that looked like Nanny's. Silly, I know, but I wanted to touch it. She had the softest hair. This too made me teary-eyed. I had to quickly pull myself together so I wouldn't be that person crying in the grocery store! I just wish she were here to see Karaline. She would have been in LOVE with my little sweetie.

Here's thelink to the recipe: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/cream-cheese-clouds-62254.aspx

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