Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 22, 2011

Karaline Loves...

Here are a few things Karaline loves:

*The dishwasher... anytime I open it to load or unload it, girlfriend speed crawls from wherever she is to play in it. I try not to do this when her Daddy is around because he has a fit when she puts her mouth on any part of it. Of course I don't want her to eat the dishwasher either, but those of you who know Joey know he can be a bit crazed with that kind of thing. I try not to sweat it.

*The refrigerator...same as the dishwasher...she could play there for hours!

*Other children...we'll be out somewhere and she will spot a kid and get soooo excited! She'll squeal with joy :) She's a little rough when she actually gets to play with them but we're working on being gentle. She gets to play with (torture) kids at her sitter's house.

*Greenbeans and bananas...these are the only 2 foods that I can guarantee that she will eat at this time. The doctor says it's okay so that's what we do.

*Talking...Karaline LOVES to talk! She can't talk enough it seems. I don't know why because both Joey and I are very introverted people. :)

*Her racoon... My mom bought her this racoon that plays a harmonica. She could watch it for hours on end!

*Music...Whether it's a CD or someone playing, Karaline is in awe. Sam's boyfriend, Matt, plays guitar when she's over. He's written her a few songs and let's Karaline play along with him.

These are just a few things that Karaline is loving at the moment. We're having a blast spending lots of time together. Slow down, summer!!!

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