Our Family

Our Family

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rolling Already!

Saturday we went to see Nikki's volleyball team play in Orlando. It wasn't the original plan, but with traffic and bad planning on my part, it's what happened. :) The tournament was pretty amazing...there were 25 volleyball games going simultaneously. Karaline was on stimulation overload!

Karaline got to see Aunt Nikki again and finally got to meet Nana Robyn, too! I'm soooo happy we were able to see them :) Here's a picture of her with the team.

Once we made it home, we put Karaline on her playmat on her tummy. We've been doing tummy time for a while now, but on Saturday, she propped herself up on her arms just like we would. I was already amazed by that but then she had to go and out do herself by rolling over!!! It wasn't a mistake either...she really rolled from her tummy to her back so gracefully. It's completely bittersweet....she's growing far too fast for me! She rolled again today, too! I keep telling her to slow down but she's not listening :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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