Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Karaline is definitely going to be a Daddy's Girl. Anytime Joey enters the room, Karaline instantly smiles, laughs, and coos. It melts my heart to see them together. The other night while Karaline was fighting her sleep (a trait she got from her Dad) and Joey was sitting on the porch, I opened the blinds to show him that we were still awake. When Karaline saw him, she began to laugh and smile. I'm LOVING this time in her life!

We went to the doctor yesterday for her 4 month check up. She weighs 16.7 lbs, is 24 3/4 inches long, and can start eating foods! CRAZY!!! The shots of course break my heart, but as always, she was a gracious baby.

Milestones we've reached:
*rolling from tummy to back
*putting paci in mouth
*scooting around on play mat
*reaching and grabbing for toys
*attempting to roll from back to stomach - getting caught by shoulder.
*gives kisses and LOVES getting them!

I'll leave you with a new picture of my beautiful baby.


  1. She is such a beautiful baby girl and growing so fast!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! She is growing too fast for me; but I'm sure you know all about that!