Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year

Even though I received the greatest gift of my life in 2010, I must say that I am looking forward to a new year and all that it brings. I'm praying that my life will become more settled and am praying for the wisdom to make some big decisions.

Our Christmas was wonderful. Christmas Eve, Joey, Karaline, and I were Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus in our church's service. When we were asked to do it, Joey and I of course said yes, but I had no idea how authentic our costumes would be. Joey was sooo funny as he dressed...he was super sweaty before we even began. I felt sorry for the Joseph of the next service :}

We woke up around 8ish on Christmas day. I let Joey sleep in a little because I'm sure this may be the last one where we have that luxury. Once Joey woke up, we exchanged gifts and as usual, Joey overdid himself. I was very spoiled. We then went to church. After church we decided to go home to visit family. Initially we stayed in Lakeland because I am worried about traveling 3 hours in a car with Karaline. However, the trip went well. Everyone was very excited to see us - as were we.

My parents got Karaline the cutest little rocking horse. Of course she can't ride it yet, but my mom said she couldn't pass it up :} Karaline has been enjoying her swing that Joey and I got her. She will swing and swing just watching the mobile.

In other news, today was Karaline's shot visit. I have been dreading it for weeks. Overall {so far}, she's been fine. Of course we both cried when she got the shots and Joey hid his face, but with a little extra love and cuddles she calmed down. She slept for 3 hours after and is now back in her swing. I pray that she continues to feel okay.

Next Monday I start back to work. I LOVE my job...every part of it...however, each time I think about leaving Karaline, I get a sick, sick feeling. We are more than fortunate to have a nice lady who will be keeping her and I know she will be more than fine but I don't want to be away from her. Please keep us in your prayers.

I pray that your Christmas and New Year will be blessed. Here's to 2011~

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