Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Months Old

I cannot believe Karaline is 5 months old already! I say this in each post, but time really does fly. She is becoming such a "person" each day. Her personality is developing and shining through. We are having too much fun!

We went to the Lakeland Women's Show last Saturday with Sam and my friend Kristen from my Sunday School class. Kristen and I wanted to see Coupon Queeny and Aunt Sam wanted to hang out with Karaline (and me...I think - just kidding :). Of course everyone oooohed and ahhhhed over Karaline. I mean, who wouldn't? She looked especially cute this day though. She had a cute little outfit and super cute jelly shoes Aunt Nikki gave her.

After the Women's Show, we went to the Lakeland Tigers baseball game. Joey volunteered to help someone from our church who was hosting the game. We had a nice time but we didn't stay the entire time because it was a little hot.

I cannot wait for summer! The weather has been very nice lately and I am more than looking forward to spending the days with Karaline.

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